Who we are
We are volunteers,
serving our Community in all possible ways
The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a non-profit registered charity that has been serving our neighbours in need in London since 1862. Each year over 300 volunteers help more than 4000 people offering assistance such as friendship, food, clothing and furniture vouchers. These volunteers reach even more people in partnership with other London organizations and through special events.

We are supported by financial donations from our sponsors; We receive donations in clothing and furniture, part of which we sell in our thrift stores and part of which we donate to our neigbours in need. Profits from our stores are also distributed to those who are in need.

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Our conferences are organized by area, corresponding to the Catholic parishes of London.
If you need our help, please check the parish in which you live, and contact us through the parish secretary by telephone, or, a designated volunteer by email.
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - London Particular Council - 585 York Street - London - Ontario - Canada - N6B 1R6 - (519) 438-7071 - BN 132410671RR0159