Furniture Pick-Up and Delivery


SSVP London offers a free pick up service for furniture items and other large donation items that cannot be easily transported to our store.

Some of your furniture and household donations are distributed free of charge to people in need through our voucher program and some are sold in our thrift stores to help fund our voucher program. 

The sale of furniture allows us to run our pick up and delivery truck as well as operate our thrift stores. We rely heavily on our wonderful community volunteers. 

We have to be especially strict on what we can accept for furniture donations. Our drivers are extensively trained on what is saleable and what can be used to fill a furniture voucher.

There are strict regulations of what is allowed to be used for vouchers and we are obligated to follow all procedures. 

When booking your pick up appointment the dispatcher will go over with you exactly what we can and cannot accept. When we send a truck out to pick up furniture and the furniture is damaged this ends up costing both the community and our programs. 

We can not accept furniture that is damaged in any way.

  • no rips, tears, stains or signs of wear
  • no pet damage including stains, scratches, picking
  • no vinyl or leather that is cracked or split
Pick up truck for donations

Pick up truck for donations

To schedule a pick up, please email a picture of the items as well as the pickup address and a contact phone number to If this is not possible you can call our 585 York Street Thrift Store at (519) 438-7071.

Please make sure all walkways and driveways are clear of snow and ice. We don’t want to cancel any pickups or a deliveries unnecessarily.


Pick Up Schedule

We are flexible with pickup and delivery days and we will work to accommodate your schedule.

If at all possible book your pickup well in advance. 

Monday (North-East): East of Adelaide, North of Dundas
Tuesday (North-West): West of Adelaide, North of Riverside/Dundas         

Thursday (South-West): West of Adelaide, South of Riverside/Dundas
Friday (South-East): East of Adelaide, South of Dundas


Find something you like in our store but can’t get it home?

We can deliver it for you for a very reasonable fee:  $40.00