Youth Conference

SSVP London’s Youth Conference operates out of the Holy Family Parish. Founded in September 2008, the youth council has implemented several programs to help the homeless and the poor in London.

Community Partnerships

The youth conference regularly visits McGarrell Nursing Home and the Ronald McDonald House. The conference also supports L’Arche Community Living – Bethany Home and the Boys and Girls Club of London.

Special Projects

Bagged Lunches
Youth donate their time to the St. Joseph Hospitality Centre soup kitchen from 8 am to 2 pm each P.A. Day to participate in the Bagged Lunches project. Our youth conference serves breakfast and lunch. Bagged lunches are then distributed so that clients who cannot get to a dinner program will have an evening meal.

Breakfast Program
The youth conference supports two elementary schools in areas with families living in government housing. The breakfast program ensures that at least some students receive a healthy meal before school starts each day. The conference also supplies these schools with winter hats and mittens to distribute to those in need. The youth conference is constantly looking for ways to help with other urgent needs.

Pencil Case Drive
At the end of the school year, the youth conference works with local elementary and high schools to collect school supplies for third world countries. In the past, school supplies have been sent to Haiti, Jamaica, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

Annual Christmas Bake Sale
The youth conference is primarily funded by the annual Christmas bake sale at the Holy Family Parish. The conference is grateful for the local support.