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The Humans of Western Team and St Vincent de Paul Team Up

We are so excited and proud to share this with you. The Humans of Western Team showcased fashions from St Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores in the very 1st edition of their Fashion Lookbook. One of the objectives of this book is to encourage students to purchase clothes from a more sustainable source and to offer an alternative to fast fashion. Please click on the link and take a look. Community supporting community always has a good outcome.

St Vincent de Paul is certified as a Living Wage Employer

Left to Right: Mike Courey (London Poverty Research Centre co-ordinator, Judy Mepstead (stores manager) and Larry Hamilton (HR, store committee)

St Vincent de Paul is very proud to be certified as a living wage employer in London. St Vincent’s mission is to assist the poor in the community. We believe that we should set an example in the community by paying our employees a living wage.