In 2019, our volunteers served the London community by helping us give more than $86,000.00 worth of furniture, clothing, and household items to people in need.

Join us!


If you have a passion for helping the poor and giving back to your community, volunteer with SSVP London!

You can volunteer as little as once a month or as much as you like depending on your availability. We are also able to give out volunteer hours required to fulfill middle school and high school graduation requirements.
We are looking for volunteers at our thrift stores at 585 York Street and 1005 Elias Street.

  • Create a welcoming shopping environment by greeting customers and helping them find what they need.
  • Help sort donations and prepare them for sale.
  • Volunteers with skills such as appraising antiques and merchandising are also welcome.
  • Friendly, caring, and enthusiastic!

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Current Volunteer Openings

Basement Coordinator
This position requires someone with excellent organizational skills and is comfortable with working alone. Duties include hanging off-season clothing in appropriate areas and keeping storage areas organized.

Elias Street Volunteer
This position requires someone that can be there most days throughout the week…(possibly two or even three positions??) We need someone that can be at Elias Street at open and at close and to help move furniture.

This position requires someone with excellent customer service skills and that is comfortable handling money. This candidate must be able to handle themselves well under pressure and be willing to help those in need. (Several volunteers for this position would be ideal.)

Upper Level Coordinator
This position requires organizational skills. The candidate for this position will be working on the upper level of York Street, putting in appropriate areas on the shelves as well as assisting customers.

If you are interested in our volunteer opportunities, please contact our 585 York Street store at (519) 438-7071, email Judy Mepsted, Store Manager, at stvincentstore@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below!

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